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** Most Urgent: All DSs are requested to intimate to Circle union, the quantity of diaries to be ordered by the SSAs on or before 28-11-2015.
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Last Updated on 27/11/2015 - 10:08 AM
Important CHQ News-GPRS/3G facilities to all the Executives: The management Committee of BSNL Board approved the proposal to extend data facility to the Executives and authorized DIR(HR). As soon as the minutes are issued, necessary orders will be issued. Earlier the facility was extended to DGM and above only. The free data of 500 MB available to 525 plan is extended to all Executives below DGM. Payment has to be made for the excess usage. SNEA was pursuing the matter with BSNL management for the last few months.
26-11-2015 CHQ News : Congratulations -CMD informed that the refund of Rs 1250 Crores on account of USO Subsidy due for 2012-13 is released by DoT yesterday. Forum was in the forefront to fight for the refund and it was one of our major demand in the last strike.
Committee on pay fixation during Officiating promotion and pay protection had a meeting on 23.11.2015 and discussed the matter.
Photos of Meeting with CGM, GMs, CEs and senior officers in Circle office on 18-11-15
25-11-2015 CHQ News :Discussion with Sri Ameising Luikham, Secretary/DPE and Sri Madhukar Gupta, Addl Secretary/DPE on 23.11.2015 on the notice for protest demonstrations at DPE office demanding constitution of 3rd PRC:
On the notice served by NCOA for protest demonstration at DPE office on 26.11.2015, against the abnormal delay in constitution of 3rd PRC and demanding immediate action, Secretary/DPE invited NCOA for discussion. Sec/DPE, Addl sec and Director/DPE were present during discussion. NCOA represented by Com Baby Thomas, Secretary General/NCOA, Com V K Tomar, President/NCOA, Com K Sebastin, GS/SNEA and Com Shiwani, Treaurer/BHEL Federation.

During discussion, Sec and Addl Sec informed that now Govt is seriously considering the NCOA demand for constitution of the 3rd PRC. PMO already initiated the process and Secretary/DPE is meeting Cabinet Secretary today itself on the matter. Since VII CPC report already submitted, Govt is actively considering the proposal of DPE to constitute the 3rd PRC. Again a reminder was send to Cabinet Secretariate and PMO on 18.11.2015 alongwith the copy of the notice served by NCOA.

The notice given by NCOA generated tremendous pressure in the Govt and DPE. Sec and Addl Sec appealed NCOA not to go for any protest action at this point of time when Govt is actively considering the demand of NCOA for constitution of 3rd PRC. They assured that Govt will constitute the 3rd PRC without any further delay.

Based on the assurance given by Secretary/DPE, NCOA decided to postpone the protest demonstration arranged on 26.11.2015 by one month.

In the meeting, Secretary/DPE specially mentioned about BSNL performance last year in which it recorded operational profit and in revival path which is a good news for all of us and congratulated the GS, all the employees and BSNL management.

Introduction of new office bearers with STR and STP Administration
Today the newly elected Circle President S.Balasubramanian, Circle Secretary R.Rajasekar, Circle Treasurer P.S.Kankesh got introduced to CGM STR Sri. B.V. Ramanamurthy, GM Sri. Senthilvasan along with Comrades R.Asokan, Vice President, N.Balakrishnan COS, S.Ramkumar COS, District Secretaries N.Selvarajan STP and Com. Sudalaiyandi, Com. Lakshmipathy STR and Com. Muthusamy were present during the meeting. Important cases discussed.
Later the new office bearers met GM(HQ) STP Sri. V.K.Sanjeevi.
In Tamilnadu Circle office, they met Sr.GM (NWP-CM) Sri. P.Santhosam and GM(S&M) Sri. Thirunavukkarasu. Outgoing Circle President Comrade S.Sundarakrishnan introduced the office bearers.

Photos of the meeting
Special GB Meeting at Tuticorin
Circle Secretary Com R.Rajasekar and Circle Organising Secretary Com N.Balakrishnan attended the Special GB at Tuticorin on 22-11-2015. The meeting is well organised even on a rainy Sunday. The meeting is presided over by Com Linga Baskar, District President. Com. Antony Maria, District Secretary explained the activities taken, after SNEA adopted the SSA during the Opinion leaders meet conducted by CGM, TN Circle. Com G.Valanarasu, CEC Member explained the actions taken to make Tuticorin SSA to profit zone. Detailed discussions held and the meeting is cordial and useful. CS and COS appreciated the comrades of Tuticorin for their efforts. Com P.Ramanathan, District Treausrer proposed vote of thanks.
Photos of the meeting
BSNL makes profit due to cut in administrative cost
Highlights of 7th Pay commission-Hindustan Times
Rebuilding BSNL - Editorial Financial Express
19-11-2015 Urgent : Diary 2016 - Request letter and PO letter is attached. All DSs and COBs are requested to hand over the forms to the officers concerned and process for placement of orders at the earliest.
Letter and PO format
Posting orders to Incoming DEs released by Circle office.
Order copy
18-11-2015 Today the newly elected Circle President S.Balasubramanian, Circle Secretary R.Rajasekar, Circle Finance Secretary P.S.Kankesh got introduced to our respected CGM Smt. Poonguzhali, PGM(F) Sri. G.Ravi, PGM(O) Sri Sudhakaran, GM(HR) Sri. M. Ravibabu, GM(NWP-CFA) Sri. P.V.Karunanidhi, GM(BP&IT) Smt. T.Poonkodi, CE(Civil) Sri. K.Parate, GM(L&B) Sri. J.Ganesan,  CE(Electrical) Sri. S.P. Singh Nimrana, DGM(HR) Sri.V.Velappan and DGM(A) Mr. Raji along with Comrades Srikumar, Vice President M.Chandrasekar ACS, M.R.Thiyagarajan ACS, Kishorekumar ACS, K.Palaniappan COS, S.Ramkumar COS, Murugavel COS, R. Muthiyal and V.Marimuthu CWC Members, District Secretaries, Ezhil Killi Electrical, ShanmugaSundaram Civil, N.Selvarajan STP. Outgoing Circle President, Circle Secretary, Circle Finance Secretary Comrades S.Sundarakrishnan, M.Gopinathan and V.Jayaraman  introduced the office bearers.
During the meeting, Circle Secretary discussed the pending issues with CGM viz., posting of incoming DEs from other circles to the requested stations, pending Rule-8 transfers, extension of GPRS facility to executives, GM LA to DGMs in the Engineering wing and provision of Diaries to executives.
Photos will be uploaded.
18-11-2015 Congratulations to Sri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD/BSNL, Sri N. K. Gupta, DIR(CFA), Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR&Fin), Sri N K Mehta, DIR(EB) and all the CGMs, SSA Heads and employees of BSNL for the remarkable achievement of making BSNL operational profit of Rs 672 Crores during FY 2014-15.

BSNL made operational profit of Rs 672 Crores during 2014-15. Last year, the operation loss was 691 Crores.

The income from services increased by 4%.

Total income from services increased from 26,153 Cr in 2013-14 to 27,242 Cr in 2014-15, highest in six years.

-  Due to high depreciation, the balance sheet shows 8234 Cr losses from 7020 Cr in 2013-14.

   The BSNL Board meeting and AGB held today and approved the accounts.

   Let us work together to achieve a target of 10% additional revenue for the next two years.

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