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Dear District Secretaries, You are requested to Down load the SNEA Diary - 2015 purchase request letter and Purchase order format and submit the same to SSA office. Make arrangements to send the Purchase order copy to Circle Finance secretary at the earliest. Since we are printing only limited number of Diaries, it will be supplied on first cum first serve basis. - CS/TN.
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Last Updated on 22/10/2014 - 12:01 PM


Today,BSNL/Corporate Office issued Promotion Orders ...
 DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular) in Finance Wing.,

 for 123 Officers and ALL are posted to their Parent Circles...




A Nice Farewell Meeting was arranged at Saravana Bhavan.,

Chennai to Shri.N.HARIBABU.,Ex.GM(Hqrs)/STR on 20-10-14.
Com.Gurumurthy.,D/S.,STR.,and Com.Kasiviswanathan.,
Participated and Felicitated the occasion...

 - CS/TN.


Convener, Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations writes to CMD regarding, 

1) Strong  protest  at the  arbitrary  decision  and  demands  the Management to keep the  order  of  implementing the Deloittee consultant recommendations  in  Maharashtra  Circle  as  pilot project in abeyance till the issue is discussed with the Unions / Associations and a consensus arrived at ............ View Copy of the letter by the Convener.

2)   Decline in Market share and  Telephone connections .... View Copy of the letter by the Convener.

GS and both the AGSs met GM Pers and Addl. GM and discussed about modifications in DE promotion order. It is assured that medical cases like Cancer, PH, Mentally retarded dependent etc will be processed today.


DIARY  2015...

Dear District Secretaries,
You are requested to Down load the SNEA Diary - 2015 purchase request letter and Purchase order format and submit the same to SSA office. Make arrangements to send the Purchase order copy to Circle Finance secretary at the earliest. Since we are printing only limited number of Diaries, it will be supplied on first cum first serve basis. 

DoE replies to DOT with respect to extension of benefits of merger of  50% DR amounting to 78.2% for the purpose of revision of pensionery benefits in respect of pre-2007 pensioners and and pensioners retired between the period 01-01-2007 and 09-06-2013 ...View letter copy.
Meeting of JAC Maharashtra with Shri. M.K. Jain, CGMT MH: As decided in the special meeting of Joint Action Committee, Maharashtra Circle on implementation of Deloitte recommendations, Circle Secretaries, CHQ & Circle leaders from different Unions & Associations had special and urgent meeting with Shri. M. K. Jain, CGMT MH in his chamber at 1630 Hrs on 20/10/2014. The delegation submitted memorandum of JAC Maharashtra protesting implementation of Deloitte recommendations & its arbitrary implementation in Maharashtra Circle. View Copy of Memorandum
Shri. M. K. Jain, CGMT MH speared time from his busy schedule and granted meeting JAC to have discussions with Deloitte recommendations and implementation of Area office Concept in Maharashtra Circle. CGMT MH went through the entire memorandum word by word before start of discussions. Thereafter initiating discussions, he explained the steps taken by his office on this issue from the date of receipt of Deloitte Committee recommendations by his office and response to reminders issued by BSNL CO.
JAC MH brought to notice of CGMT MH that the letter issued by BSNL CO reads that Deloitte recommendations are being implemented in Maharashtra Circle only due to his recommendations as CGMT and objected on such recommendations affecting working of BSNL Maharashtra Circle. Shri. Jain, CGMT MH made it clear that his office has not given any recommendations and his office letter dated 20/09/2014 referred in BSNL CO orders for pilot implementation of Deloitte in Maharashtra, does not recommend anything and these are just comments as asked by BSNL CO after HOCC Meeting and his office has responded after reminders from BSNL CO. He further added that   nothing has been specially recommended on his part or on part of Maharashtra Circle. However he made it clear that he has received call from GM Restructuring BSNL CO on this subject and has discussed implementation of Deloitte recommendations in Maharashtra Circle. CGMT further informed that in HOCC Meeting also it was decided that Deloitte recommendations will not be implemented as it is in BSNL and decision will be taken after pilot implementation in some of Circle and results thereof. In this case BSNL CO has selected Maharashtra Circle as pilot and he has given consent for same.
We brought to notice of CGMT that report says that these recommendations are to be implemented after 2016 as First phase i.e. after total ERP Rollout & how Circle management has agreed for its implementations before rollout of ERP. CGMT MH said that ERP has been fully implemented in Maharashtra Circle at least on papers and agreed that there are many unresolved issues with ERP in Maharashtra Circle and under administrative compulsions he has given consent.

We then asked why in each and every such experiments only Maharashtra Circle is taken as pilot, right from CDR to Deloitte and why BSNL management is not looking at other Circles for any such experiment. We also pointed out that if ERP implementation was the only criteria then it should have been implemented in Karnataka Circle where ERP has been implemented before Maharashtra Circle. However it did not happen, as CGMT KTK has not given any such consent as given by CGMT MH. JAC MH registered strong objection on selection of Maharashtra as pilot at each and every occasions and CGMT MH also agreed to our views and added that he has witnessed bad impact of such experiments in Maharashtra Circle.
We had detailed discussions on merger of smaller SSAs with bigger SSAs and mainly asked about availability of officers of GM/DGM level as recommended by Deloitte and if these many officers of GM/DGM level officers are available then what is problem in posting them as SSA Head and what is idea in centralizing them at major places and we will like to know the benefits of such centralization. CGMT expressed that he has no detail idea about benefits and his office has just submitted comments on HR issues as called by BSNL CO. As no comments were called by BSNL CO on remaining recommendations submitted by Deloitte in its 572 pages report, his office has not taken any decision on implementation of any other recommendations of Deloitte.     
We brought to his notice that all the Unions and Associations are opposing Deloitte recommendations since its submission in BSNL. We also asked why his office has not consulted Unions/Associations in Maharashtra Circle before sending his special recommendations cum comments on this subject to BSNL CO. He explained that till the day he got sms from CS SNEA(I) MH, he was not aware about the oppose of Deloitte recommendations by Unions & Associations and whatever steps have been taken by his office are routine and nothing has been done special for it. He also added that none of representative of Deloitee has discussed any of the issue with him at any time and may have discussed with earlier CGMT. He said that it was not question of he likes or dislike Deloitte recommendations, but it was official procedure as per information/comments called by BSNL CO which were sent by Add GM HR/Admn Mumbai with his approval.
CGMT MH further added that now he has understood the unrest and oppose from all Unions and Associations for Deolitte recommendations and he immediately marked JAC memorandum to Sr GM HR/Admn & Addl DGM HR/Admn for reprocessing file by adding views expressed by JAC. He assured JAC Delegation that his office will write a letter to BSNL CO in changed scenario & difficulties in implementation of Area Office concept in Maharashtra Circle. He also expressed that no one has brought to his notice that there is oppose in implementation of Deloitte recommendations from Unions /Associations, hence he has never thought from different angle and everything was taken as routine matter, and hence there is some confusion.
We also requested CGMT MH to express his views & experience as GMT when he was handling charge of two SSAs and was he able to give attention & proper justification to second SSA attached to him as additional charge wherein he clarified that it is not possible to take care of all issues in both the SSAs to proper depth and second SSA is always given second priority. When asked for his personal views about SSA Merger, he made it clear that he also finds that merger of SSAs in this manner will not give results as expected by Deolitte.
On arbitrary changes made by Maharashtra Circle in these original Deloitte recommendations, CGMT MH informed that some of recommendations of Deloitte on merger of SSAs like Dhule with Kalyan are found wrong and cannot be implemented practically and his office has suggested some modifications for reporting of Dhule to Nashik, some changes in merger of geographical area, shifting of PGMT post from Kalyan to Nagpur etc. He also clarified that he has already made it clear to BSNL CO that till required DGMs/GMs are not posted in Maharashtra Circle he will not implement Area Office Concept in Maharashtra Circle.
 After listening grievances in detail and understanding practical difficulties in Merger of SSAs, Shri. M.K. Jain, CGMT MH assured to review the decision of Area Office Concept & its implementation in Maharashtra Circle and take up matter with BSNL Corporate office in view of protest by Joint Action Committee of Maharashtra Circle through meeting & memorandum submitted thereof. He also directed us to take up matter with BSNL CO through CHQ leaders and assured that if required he will have further discussions with JAC on this subject. We also assured him to give detailed feedback on this subject. This urgent Meeting concluded with positive assurance by CGMT MH to write to BSNL CO about the difficulties faced in implementation of Area office Concept in Maharashtra Circle and to have further discussions with JAC on this subject.
- CS/TN.
Dear Comrades,
The Representations for Modification in DE(Regular) received  from 60 officers, are scrutinized and the Eligible Representations will be sent to Corp. office by 
CGMT / TN Circle & CGM/STR with in a couple of days.
 - CS/TN.
BSNL Introduces Broadband TOP UPs for High Speed Internet after FUP (Fair Usage Policy) in Unlimited Plans - BSNL Unlimited Internet Broadband Customers can enjoy New DATA TOP UPs to get High Bandwidth (Download Speed) after FUP Limit….. Read More.
HUD - hud CYCLONE...
On behalf of SNEA(I),TN Circle, We express our serious 
condolences to the Deprived People of ANDHRA PRADESH,
Who lost their lives in the recent HUD - Hud Cyclone. 
We appreciate our colleagues of AP Circle, who restored 80% of the communication and also for maintaining the system in a best manner. 
At this juncture, we want to suggest that ONE TASK FORCE 
 may be formed under the head of one HAG level officer (CGMT) and send
 to the affected area, so that the Restoration
Work can be done more effectively.
- CS/TN.
17-10-2014 View Circle office orders:
Com.M.Gopinathan.,CS/TN,Com.Lakhsmipathy,ACS/TN Circle & Com.Gurumurthy DS, STR met GM (Hqs) / STR and requested  to consider all the Pending Request Transfer Cases. We also categorically told him that ONE TO ONE Transfer Policy is not at all acceptable to SNEA(I) and to implement the same
 as per the Existing policy - CS / TN.
M.Gopinathan.,CS/TN,Com.Lakhsmipathy,ACS/TN Circle and Com.Gurumurthy, D/S,STR met CGMT/STR and gave the letter for Re allotment for DE (Regular) to STR as directed by CMD / BSNL on 13-10-14  at CHENNAI. He assured to do the needful.To the knowledge of Our Comrades, it may be noted that, it is SNEA(I) which took up the case continuously up to CMD / BSNL level. Still, We will try our level best to settle the issue. - CS/TN.

Dear Comrades,
We are handing over the Left out Representations for Re allotment in DE (Regular) posting order to CGMT / TN Circle today.
VCs for 739 Comrades for JTO to SDE Promotion have already been sent to Corporate office/BSNL. 
- CS/TN.
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