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Immediate Attention of Dist. Secys... As it is proposed to conduct our CEC in April/May 15., & 6th Circle Conference in June/July 15., All are requested to pay the ... 1.Quota up to Date. 2.Building & Legal Fund. 3.Donations. 4.Diary Bill Payments.All the pending Dues should be remitted before 31st March 15...-CS/TN.
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 Our Sincere Thanks to Com.S.Viveganandam.,DE / VLR

 who donated Rs.2000/= to our SNEA(I).,TN Circle

 for his TBP E4 to E5...  - CS/TN.



 Com.Arvind Pal Dahiya.,

 who came on 5th Rank in

 20 Kms.Walking Race in

 All India Athletics.,at Trivandram.

 He crossed the 20 Kms Distance with in 2 Hours...

 HATS OFF TO OUR AGS...Com.Dahiya...

- CS/TN.

JTO to SDE Promotion case at
Hon. High Court Ernakulam.,
 postponed to 05.3.2015...

 - CS/TN..
Com.P.Raja Ragupathy  retires today...

Our Circle Vice President Com.P.Raja Ragupathy SDE Legal Tuticorin retires on super annuation today. He rendered his valuable service in this department for more than 39 years.
Com.P.Raja Ragupathy, in his personal capacity and as a leading representative of AITASA (ASTT Association) played a major role for the  merger of ASTT cadre with JTO cadre and also in 1997 he was instrumental along with other leaders of AITASA in merging that association with JTOA(I) in the circle conference held at  Nagercoil. He is serving with commitment and dedication as District/Circle office bearer for seventeen years in JTOA(I), TEOA(I), SNEA(I). He has also played a vital role in Administration as SDE Legal in Tuticorin SSA for the past several years.
 Comrade, may your retired life be filled with happiness and accomplishment in all endeavors. We thank you for your dedication & Wish you all the best on your retirement.
SNEA(I), TN Circle extends best wishes for all comrades who retire today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful retired life.


 Dear Comrades.,

Smt. Sujata  Ray.,ED (Fin)., selected  as NEW Dir. (HR).

In the History of BSNL.,this is the FIRST TIME that a 

Finance Wing officer has been selected as Dir (HR).

Her Administrative and Commanding Voice will definitely

 give us Moral Support and We wish her 

 all Success in the new Assignment...

- CS/TN.


JTO to SDE Promotion ...AIE LIST...

Representations regarding the AIE list.,

addressed to Sr.GM (Pers) may be sent by

 FAX to 011 - 23734156...

- CS/TN.


Meeting with Sri S. K. Bharadwaj, GM(FP):

GS Com K. Sebastin, AGSs Com Vivek Wankhede and Com Sankar Sanyal, Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/WB Circle, Com Dilip Saha, CS/CTD and C/Presidents of CTD and WB Circles met GM(FP) on 25.02.2014 and discussed the following issues:

a)         Option for the 2010 JAOs: Assn explained to GM(FP) that all the JAOs of 2010 qualified well before the cut off date of 07.05.2010 (the date of pay revision order) and due to administrative reasons their training has been delayed.  Further the recruitment process itself started in 2004-05 and delayed for years together. So the case has to be considered sympathetically. GM(FP) informed that he will try to discuss the issue further in the committee.

b)        Promotion to 230 CAO posts: Assn requested to complete the DPC in this financial year itself, by 31st March. GM(FP) assured that we will try to complete the DPC with the support of the Assn before March, 31st. Almost all the ACRs are received except 31 and we are pursuing the remaining cases.

For the next 336 CAO vacancies, ACRs will be called this week itself.

c) Promotion from JAO to AO for the remaining vacancies: Assn requested to process the DPC for the next vacancy year so that remaining JAOs of 2006 batch and some of the JAOs of 2010 batch (OC category) also can be promoted. GM(FP) assured to consider the case at the earliest so that the vacancies can be filled up at the earliest.
26-02-2015 JTO to SDE case at Hon Ernakulam High Court postponed to Monday, 02.3.2015 as bench is not sitting today afternoon.
Unused Equipments Lying Idle...
View CMD Instructions...

 CS/TN writes to CGM/TN Circle reg.
Low Revenue sites in IMPCS.,

Click to View Low Revenue Sites...

Thousands of comrades started March to Parliament at 11.00 am from BSNL Corporate Office.



          JTO to SDE promotion case in the Hon High Court of

 ERNAKULAM, Kerala postponed to 26.02.2015 for

 final disposal after preliminary hearing today...

 - CS/TN.

 Dear  Comrades.,

 In TN Circle,ERP  has been implemented in DEC.2014.
 Even after Two  Months,Particularly in IMPCS/CM Wing,
Payments regarding,Vehicles,House Keeping,Bills of Cable
Mtce Contractors,Care Takers of Towers,EB Charges,
Monthly Rent to Rented Buildings,& non BSNL sites,
are heavily delayed resulting a HUGE LOSS in CM Wing.
Since the EB charges are not paid in time,So many
 towers are getting disconnected from EB supply,
resulting penalty & Reconnection,
and Revenue loss .

 It is needless to say about CFA Wing.

 In all SSAs,our Comrades are suffering like anything.
We also feel that it is the right time to intervene in this matter
 otherwise it will lead to Heavy Loss  for TN CIRCLE in future.
We honestly request the TOP MANAGEMENT of Finance Wing
 of our circle to take necessary steps immediately for
 making PAYMENTS as early as possible...

- CS/TN.

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