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Dear Comrades,Com.M.Gopinathan.,CS/TN will be available at CHQ / DELHI from 22-09-14., for Organizational Activities... - CS/TN.
Last Updated on 22/09/2014 - 05:52 PM
DE Regular Promotion order issued for 112 more Executives - View Order
DE Regular Promotion order issued for 2 more Executives - View Order
Indefinite Fasting at CHQ
22-09-2014 GS Writes to CMD regarding JAO to AO Promotion
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22-09-2014 DE Regular Promotion order - Corrigendum- View Order

Indefinite hunger strike by GS and AGS at BSNL CO started.

Indefinite hunger strike by CS KRL, CHQ Tresurer & AGS started at Circle Office Tiruvanathpuram.


Com.M.Gopinathan.,CS/TN will be available at
CHQ / DELHI from 22-09-14.,
 for Organizational Activities...

- CS/TN.


Indefinite Hunger strike by CHQ leaders at corporate office and CHQ Treasurer, Three AGSs from CHQ and Circle Leaders at Kerala circle office w.e.f 22-09-2014


        Stop vindictive action by the Administration.

        Honour the commitments.

WIthdraw all charge sheet, diesnon, vindictive transfers etc.

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JTO to SDE Promotion (67% Seniority Quota)...
Due to the Consistent & Persistent efforts of our CHQ,
the vacancies pertaining to 2012-13 and 2013-14 are
also included in the ensuing JTO to SDE Promotion by
the Management and ACRs for further 2 years have
been  called for by the Pers.Section/Corporate Office.

All the DSs are requested to send the same immediately
to  Staff Section,TN Circle with required details in Proforma.
This may be done on WAR FOOTING basis, Since the  Ernakulam
Court case filed by some Miscreants to stop the entire process
is coming on 09-10-14.

Our SNEA(I)/Kerala Comrades are fighting the Case  like
any thing to get the Stay Vacated.

So,SNEA(I),TN Circle requests all our DSs  to act FAST
and send the ACRs as quick as possible....

- CS/TN.


DE Regular Promotion - Click here to view the Relieving order for Circle office SDEs / Sr. SDEs.
As per this order SDEs / Sr. SDEs will be  relievedon or before 29-09-2014. 
Depending upon the necessity, individuals can approach Administration for their relieving order if it is required immediately.
For others it shall be on or before 29-09-2014.
DSs are requested to meet the Head of the SSA in this connection. 
- CS/TN.

View Photos of Day long protest Dharna on  19-09-2014

SNEA(I),TN Circle request all Executives to join ENMASS in the Ensuing Programmes to Strengthen the agitation, so that  SNEA(I) can attain the logical conclusion of agitation 

CHQ NEWS...JAO to AO promotion...

        SNEA(I) strongly protests against the arbitrary move
 of the Management to fill up few AO posts, keeping aside
 large no of AO vacancies Unfilled. According to the proposal,
 the JAOs of 2003 and 2004 year only will be considered for
 promotion now, where as more than 1800 vacancies are very much available. SNEA(I) strongly demands that all the 1800
plus AO vacancies
are to be filled up immediately with
eligible JAOs as on Date,
and We have taken up the case
 very strongly.At the same time,SNEA(I),TN Circle will not
criticize any body Unnecessarily and We are always
committed to complete our Task with our fullest
 DEDICATION and We will be only

- CS/TN.


Since We had lot of Inquiries from our JAO

Comrades late in the evening ,Our Stand &

Upto date NEWS in this regard will be

available in &  

Tomorrow...All of our JAO Comrades

are requested to go through for ready reference...

- CS/TN.


Today,a great Mass Dharna was conducted through out 
TAMIL NADU CIRCLE in front of all SSAs & CIRCLE Hqrs.
We sincerely thank each one of the Comrades 
who participated and made it a Historic one...

 - CS/TN.  

Dear Comrades...
SNEA(I),TN Circle requested CS/AIBSNLOA to participate in our
ONE DAY DHARNA on 19-09-14 and
 he gave his consent.Also,we requested
him to extend support through out
TN Circle since all our DEMANDS are common to all Executives...
- CS/TN.

An appeal from the basic member of  SNEA(I) / CRDA District Branch / TN Circle  to AIBSNLEA.

Off late,it is found that the practice of publishing the request  of members of Other Executive association members in their own site and writing letters to Corporate office as if they belong to their Association,came to the knowledge of SNEA(I),TN Circle.
 By publishing this type of  requests without the consent of the concerned may  hurt the feeling of basic members and also the credibility of them before others.
Nowadays, this kind of TACTICS & CHEAP canvassing is happening especially  in kumbakonam SSA alone and it is being  spread out  by some miscreants all over Tamilnadu circle.
Since it is brought to our notice by one of our Senior Lady Comrade of CRDA Divn.,We are constrained to publish the letter addressed to the Undersigned Which is self explanatory and We are expecting the same should not happen in future by following TRUE, BASIC TRADE UNION ETHICS... -  CS/TN.
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