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Dear District Secretaries, You are requested to Down load the SNEA Diary - 2015 purchase request letter and Purchase order format and submit the same to SSA office. Make arrangements to send the Purchase order copy to Circle Finance Secretary at the earliest. Since we are printing only limited number of Diaries, it will be supplied on first cum first serve basis. - CS/TN.
Last Updated on 31/10/2014 - 09:55 PM
SNEA(I), TN Circle extends best wishes for all comrades who retire today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful retired life.

SNEA(I), TN Circle extends the Special Wishes to Com. M.Veeramani, DGM / CM and District Vice president, SNEA(I) / Kumbakonam SSA who is retiring today on superannuation. We thank you for your dedication and congratulate you on your retirement.


At last after a lapse of 72 days, the Gate way for Modification in  DE (Regular) is opened today by Corp.Office / BSNL. 
DE (Regular) Modifications...
It is understood that Sr.GM (Pers) / Corp.Office is not willing to consider the 17 to 18 cases recommended by our CGMT / TN Circle.
We feel that it is quite unfortunate. 
On Monday (03-11-14),our CHQ got appointment with
CMD/BSNL to discuss the matter.
In the meanwhile,We are expecting DGM (Adhoc) promotions which 
 would create around 50 no. of  DE Vacancies in Tamilnadu alone. 
Our Comrades should have patience and definitely we will succeed.
 - CS/TN.

DIARY  2015...

Dear District Secretaries,

Have you submitted the SNEA Diary - 2015 purchase request letter and Purchase order format to SSA office...? Make arrangements to send the Purchase order copy to Circle Finance secretary at the earliest. 

Since we are printing only limited number of Diaries, it will be supplied on first cum first serve basis. It is to be noted that while getting PO,the no.officers in Civil,Electrical & IMPCS are to be added this time.

Click To Down Load Purchase order request and PO format.

TN Circle office issued instruction regarding supply of DIARY-2015. Click here to view the letter copy.
- CS/TN...
JTO to SDE Seniority Cum Fitness Promotion
 GS writes to GM (Pers.) / Cor. Office regarding Exploring the possibility to issue promotion order from JTO(T) to SDE(T) seeking permission from the Hon CAT, Ernakulam.

- CS/TN.

View Copy of the letter...
Circle Office Orders...


Transfer of JTO from AP to Circle office reg.
Rating of numerical grading in APAR between 0 and 4 as to bench marks for DPC - View guidelines.
Promotion to the  grade of STS (CAO) on regular basis – Orders issued for 285 Executives (OC - 261, SC-01 and ST-23). 
 View Order Copy.
28-10-2014 Formation of EPF Redressal cell in TN Circle - reg
Meeting with GM (Hqrs) / STR / CHENNAI.

A Fruitful Meeting was arranged by GM (Hqrs) / STR 
with all Associations for Discussion on some important
 issues and the following Decisions were taken unanimously.
1.All the Request Transfer Cases were discussed in detail 
ie. case by case and it is decided to issue orders to the 
Maximum extent possible.
2.It is also decided to bring down the TENURE PERIOD
 from TWO years to ONE year for O/D Unit.
SNEA(I) / TN Circle extends heartiest thanks to GM (H/Q) / STR for genuine and positive approach.

- CS/TN.

27-10-2014 Transfer and Posting of JTO.
Dear Comrades,
GM (H/Q) / STR has called all the Associations for Discussion 
on 28-10-14,for Considering the Request Transfer Cases 
in GMM / TN / STR. We have already conveyed through our 
earlier Letters that ONO TO ONE Transfer is not at all a
cceptable to SNEA (I).
Anyhow,We will suggest some other ways and means so that 
the Transfer Cases are considered with out any Disturbance.
- CS/TN.

On 11-10-2014, a vibrant and well organized Circle Office Bearers’ meeting of SNEA(I), TN Circle was held at  “Hotel Amutha Bhavan” ” at Erode The COBs meeting started with the Prayer song by Com.Raju, ADS / Erode. The meeting was presided over by Com.S.Sundarakrishnan, Circle President. Com.S.Easwaran, CWC Member inaugurated the meeting by informing the house the achievements by our GSs starting from the period of JETA to SNEA.  Comrade C.Paramasivam, DS / Erode welcomed the gathering by explaining the importance of the Erode District in the history. Comrade President in his presidential address emphasized the actions to be taken in connection with the Membership verifications and role of BSs / DSs / COBs. The meeting was attended and addressed by Com.Rajan, CHQ Treasurer, Com.H.Muthu,AGS, Com.M.Gopinathan,CS and Com. V. Jayaraman, CFS.  Meeting ended with vote of thanks.
Following resolutions were passed in connection with the recent DE regular promotion order / re allotment issue. 
1. Circle Secretary  will continue pursuing the re allotment cases in the Regular DE promotion order with CHQ  to fill up  all the vacancies in  TN Circle as on 20-08-2014 as the percentage of vacancies in TN Circle is more than that of other Southern Circles. CS will communicate the Resentments / Grievances / Suggestions   ventilated  by the  COBs to GS /CHQ.
 As all the promoted officers are due to get E5 SCALE on 01/10/2014, there is likelihood of losing one increment in the DE Regular promotion as the date of joining will be after 01/10/2014 on getting re allotment. Hence it is suggested to issue guidelines in the re allotment order that notional pay fixation has to be given with effect from the date of issuance of promotion order.
3. CS will meet CMD on 13-10-2014 at Chennai and submit the memorandum in this connection and explain the present scenario and grievances of executives.
SNEA(I) TN Circle will extend fullest co-operation to  CHQ in this regard. 

Com.K,Sebastin, GS / CHQ met CMD / BSNL today evening & requested for Modification in the cadre of DE (Regular). GS
 further requested to consider Maximum No.of cases as detailed  below.
1.Cases as per seniority.
2.Cases crossed 57 years as on 20-08-14.
3.Medical cases.
Maximum cases could be considered as Sufficient Vacancies are 
available in TN Circle & CH TD.
CMD assured that taking this in to account, o
rders will be issued next week.
- CS / TN.

JTO to SDE Promotion(Seniority Quota):

Preparatory exercise for promotion to SDE(T) cadre under seniority quota for vacancies 2009-2010 to 2013-2014 onwards - Furnishing ACRs and assessment report -  View Circle office letter copy.
APAR grading for two years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 i.r.o of JTOs of 1998 recruitment year onwards (1998,1999,2000 to 2005) are required in place of all the JTOs as asked for earlier by Cor. office letter dated 17.09.2014. Screening committee to be sent to Circle office immediately.
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